Why memory foam topper is the best type of mattress topper?

The mattress toppers have quickly become a necessity of an optional thing in very quick time. There are different types available, but all didn’t get the same level of appreciation by the users. The potential buyers in the market have become quite clever. They evaluate a certain type on the basis of its pros and cons. In this evaluation, the memory foam type is usually taken as the best mattress topper in most of the rankings, particularly because of their impeccable benefits and lesser drawbacks to worry about. There is a group of people who have other choices just because of their special and specific mattress topper needs.

Why memory foam topper is the best:

In order to know about the perks of memory foam topper, you need to read out the many memory foam mattress topper reviews. The following list will give you an idea that why the memory foam toppers are the best among all the available topper types:

  • The memory foam topper is known to reduce pressure on the body. The waterbed prior to this one has got a lot of votes as the best option for relieving pressure points but, it isn’t an effective option for long term sleeping. But, memory foam by all means is the best option with no motion and no pressure on body while sleeping.
  • If you have a rock hard bed, then investing on a memory topper would help you with luxurious comfort with not much of a cost. It will reduce the turning and tossing issue which your extra firm bed was causing earlier.
  • The innovative material used in such toppers enables it to stay cool all through the night. The next generation memory foam toppers do allow good air flow and doesn’t trap anyone with any troublesome heat.
  • The toppers will adequately look after your mattress of any kind and in whatever condition it is. The topper compensates well for an old mattress which is in poor condition and sinking from the middle. The memory type topper will provide with the best solution to the users and will make their bedding system look as good as a new one.
  • You really don’t need to worry about the bed sheets to fit over a mattress topper. Any standard size bed sheet used for a standard bed frame with a mattress would easily fit over a bed system with a topper as well.
  • The memory foam mattresses are durable and they also increase the durability of the mattress you have underneath. So, it acts as a good cover to protect your much hefty investment made over a mattress. Further, it is the cheapest way to do it.
  • The memory type toppers are widely available and you can purchase them easily online.

Due to all these reasons we can say that these mattress topper would help you make your mattress even more luxurious, long lasting and comfortable accessory for you.

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Cheap fishing kayaks


In case, you want to find a lower cost, stable, reliable and rowing career fishing kayak, I want to tell you my little cheap fishing kayak, but it is very good.

Basically, one day I met Don Richards, a retired man from the small town of Keystone Heights North Florida near where I live, he sells kayaks and he is an interesting people, Don Richards likes people and he likes boats and about anything to do with boats.

Luckily for me, a few years ago, I saw this guy in downtown Keystone Heights leave their cars with a “kayak Sale” sign on the side. I asked him about it, and we ended up talking for hours about kayaking, fishing, and the wild ride.

To make a long story short, we have become good friends since then. He loves outdoor adventures, and he is often willing to accompany me on any wild ride, no matter how wild or remote it may – and some of my trips can be quite wild  and remote.

At $ 395.00 for a glass fiber – not a plastic – kayak, I know it’s a hard deal to beat. I love my new cheap fishing kayak at the first sight. They come in a variety of colors, but I got a bright yellow color because it is easy to see in emergencies wilderness.

A memorable trip with a good friend

A very memorable adventure, Don and I were there, we use fiberglass kayak, it is one of our three or four days to run down the beautiful and wild river Blackwater Florida. We had all our stuff stored in the nose and tail compartments of our small kayak. We go quite mild. Each one of us made a small tent each, a sleeping bag, food, water, clothes, backpacking stoves, cameras, and a few odds and ends. But using both the nose and aft cabins, everything fit maybe even a little room to spare.

One thing I wondered was I going to need a pedal or some place similar provision on which to brace my feet. From my experience, the answer is “no”. What there is no problem at all. Anyway, they just want to get in my way threw my gear. Besides, with the equipment stowed, my legs often ends resting on the gears. Time spent sitting in kayaks are made easier with a molded, contoured seat comfort.

Sooner or later, however, no matter how good a seat kayak is, you need a break from sitting and rowing. Here, we’ve pulled into a small sandy beach while Don makes a phone call. I was surprised by his call went through from out here, but then again, we were less than three miles from Interstate. Skyway It may be a long way if you are not a crow.

In fact, here in this peaceful riverside, all its madness seems like a different world. I love the way a small paddle boat can open up the wilderness with you by providing simple transportation.

At night, we camped on the riverbank, and each day we become less reliable, but our cheap fishing kayak still goes ahead downstream, sometimes we see fish on the waterway.

In my opinion, this cheap fishing kayak is ideal for day trips or night trips to Florida’s many rivers, bays, and channels. They’re stable. They cut through a unique country. And good track and they do not even drive. This is what most of us want in a kayak kayakers Florida.

Basically, all I can say is my own and I recommend them to anyone who wants a general Florida-water inland recreational kayak with somewhat limited use abroad. He’s had quite a few people from far outside Florida called him and wanted to buy one of his cheap kayaks. Transportation, however, it would increase the cost to a reasonable level, so it could be a question to ship one.

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Small Christmas Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

While Christmas is approaching, everyone seem trying to look or find a Christmas gift or a Christmas gift idea for their loved ones. And if we see the long list of the people to whom people would be presenting gifts there are some top consideration like Mom, dad, boyfriends and girlfriends. Though others must be there also like family member, brothers and sisters, but these would be the top ones.

Now the most important thing that you will have to be sure about is the nature and type of gift you want to choose. Like if you have got to find a gift for your girlfriend the you must be looking for some unique ideas and there could be a whole lot of options that are available on the market. Having a  huge variety can be a positive things as well as a negative thing. As if you are able enough to sort things out, you may find it quicker and if you get confused seeing all the possibilities you will be stuck.

In such a situation you may need a little help to figure out and find a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend. Here are some of the most considerable, small, yet unique gift ideas for girlfriend on which you can choose the best for your girl. You must see “What Should I Get My Girlfriend For Christmas 2015” to find many interesting ideas.

See Also Ideas:

  • What Do I Get My Boyfriend For Christmas
  • What To Get Your Brother For Christmas

Necklaces and bracelets

You can gift customized necklaces and bracelets that have a modern design and stylish looks. Girls who belong to teenage would love to have a mixed style bracelet made with stones and strings or even a little bit of metal. Try something special by having a heart shape, or love quote carved in it. You can present a pendant with  fashion design or having two parts, one for you and one for your girlfriend. Such present brings in a feel of love and affiliation to each other.

Mugs and cups

There are many mug sets and cup available with special Christmas quotes or even love quotes on them. You can present a single or a pair of such mugs with funny quotes or love quotes written on them.

Music boxes

Music boxes are always loved by girls. You can choose a music box that plays soft music or a jewelry box with a light music for her to enjoy when she want to enjoy and memorize the moments.

Tech accessories

Tech accessories like smartphone holder, tablet covers, headphones with Bluetooth and other things like that would also be great, if your girlfriend has a lot of tech gadget with her.

Mufflers and stoles

Mufflers and stoles could also be great to be presented as a gift on Christmas. Try to choose the colors that she loves or if you want to make it special for Christmas try choosing a mix of Christmas colors.

Personal care items

You can also give her some personal care items, like electrostatic hairbrush, a pack of essential oils along a diffuser, a pack of fragrant candles and things like that.

Whatever you buy do base your decision on these above given ideas and we are sure you’ll land on the right spot.

More information at: http://www.satisfiedgifts.com

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How To Build Cabinets With White Kitchen Faucet

How To Build Cabinets With White Kitchen Faucet

Cabinets built in White Oak wood or white laminated material with matching white kitchen faucets gives an elegant look for the kitchen. How To Build Cabinets With White Kitchen Faucet or do it yourself is explained hereunder with step by step process. For people who have time and skill to make cabinet by self is not a difficult thing to achieve, provided if they have the right kind of tool and other accessories that are essential to finish the task.

The essential tools required for the job:

You need to have brad nail gun, circular saw, air compressor, air hose, caulk gun, clamps, drill machine, level equipment, miter saw, orbital sander, table saw, wood glue, planer, router, scribing tool, framing square, pocket hole jig, measuring tape, marking pencils, safety glove, glass and hearing protector. In addition to the above tools, you also should have hardwood plywood in ¾ and ¼ inches in size, hardwood face frames of ¾ inches in size, 2×4 lumbers for bases, 2” brads, 2″ screws, wood filler, adhesive, etc. Make sure to have the hardwood plywood is matching to the color of the kitchen faucet.

Step 1: Draw sketch of the cabinet:

It is always better to draw the sketch of the plan, how do you want to manufacture the cabinet. By making a drawing, you will have a clear idea of the cabinet. After that take a complete measurement of the kitchen and accordingly design the actual size of the cabinet.   Now you have the design of the cabinet and the actual sizes of the cabinet.

Step 2: Making face frames:

Cut the hardwood face frames into the required size. If you need a drawer for your cabinet, create a drawer section provision on the frame. Make sure to match the grains of the wood frame to one other to avoid stark contrasts. Mark the frame joints by using the marking pencil. This will make easy for you to fix the frame and also to let you know that you have effectively done the sanding job to have a smooth joint.

Step 3: Use pocket screws to fix the joints:

Using pocket screws, make the frame joining an easy job. By using a pocket screw jig, you can easily make as much number of screw jigs. You don’t have to use the wood adhesive of clamps for the frames if you can use pocket screws.

Step 4: Cutting the plywood:

Now cutting the plywood to get identical shapes, it is would be easy if you can clamp the plywood together. In this way, you can have exact measurements of cutting and also the toe kick cutting for the bottom side. The plywood must be cut ¼” less than the frame size. Inside the plywood make shelf holes by using shelf pin jig. Also, make pocket screw jigs on all the required positions. The entire shelf pin holes have to be made in the exact position matching to its opposite side of the board so that the shelf rackets will have an even position seating.

Step 5: Attaching the board with the face frame:

Making small carcass is a good option and easy to mount the cabinet on the wall. By using the pocket screw jigs, all the joints need to be tightened. The back side of the cabinet can be covered by using plywood. Wood adhesive and nail screw can be used to fix the back side of the cabinet board. Once the carcass is completed, this need to be fixed with the face frame in such a way that the ¼” frame, overextends from the sides of the cabinet.

Step 6: Fixing the door:

Making door will be a difficult task to accomplish. There are lots of ready made doors available in the market, and you can buy door matching to the color of the white faucet. The door can be fixed to the cabinet after fitting the cabinet on the wall. By using a drill machine, you can drill holes on the back side of the cabinet through the wall. Use 1 ½” screws to fix the cabinet to the wall.

How To Build Cabinets With White Kitchen Faucet will be an easy job if you have the right foresight and can plan the work properly. For a white kitchen faucet, you should have the matching cabinet color, so that you can have a stylish looking kitchen.

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Help you to know about the history of recurve bow

Archery is an art of practicing and using the bow to push arrows. Archery art has its own history of using recurve bow for hunting or war. In present days, anyway, it is still used for entertainment and sport. Who knows well to use a bow is called ‘archer’.


Recurve bow was created in the late Paleolithic period or early Mesolithic period. The oldest recurve bow is from an Agrensburg valley in the north of Hamburg, Germany, it was made in late Paleolithic – about 10.000 years BC. Recurve bow was made of pine wood, length of the hilt and the limb was about 6 to 8 inches with arrows. They didn’t call it bow, and arrows were used as darts more than with a bow. After a long time, recurve bow was used more than darts because of its advantages, they sort bow and dart into weapon category on all continents except Australia continent. Recurve bow with darts is a part of America’s history, especially Nahuatl and Inuit tribe of Mexico.

Bow and arrows appeared in Egyptian Culture before Egyptian dynasty. In Levant area, arrows of recurve bow were made straighter than before in Natufian culture. Khiamian of the Neolithic were also experts of a arrows.. The civilization in ancient times such as Assyrian, Hungarian, Parthian and Indian, Chinese, Japanese have many archers in the army. Art of archery of Dhanurveda was widely known as a martial art. Archery with recurve bow was thriving in Asia and in the Islamic world. China and Japan developed strongly archery to serve military needs. In the heart of Delta Asia and the Americas, the male members of the small tribes are talented archers and horse riders.

Debacle and Development

With the proliferation of firearms, recurve bow was gradually forgotten and not used in the wars again. Although the situation on the high technology is bright, recurve bow is still developing and used in some countries such as the United Kingdom, Korea, China, Japan, Turkey, Egypt and many more. The cultures who used a recurve bow before, are now abandoning it.The Basic recurve bow has a weakness of speed in comparison with modern ones, and they can not use it during the rain. And in terms of tactics,the recurve bow has the advantage of shooting from behind obstacles, gun users do not have to be as strong as archers, they do not have skills like archers, recurve bow can damage through the shield. An army which uses guns may have a high advantage as much as the number of soldiers, there are quite rare professional archers in battle. However, recurve bow is still widely popular and has made significant progress in the 21st century. Some traditions which have recurve bow are still used in sport and hunting.

In competition, recurve bow 1 string and Compound bow 3 strings for man and woman all have a principle. Each person will be used 60 arrows at 18 meters of distance. Points will be announced after days of competition ended and they will rank order the archers by the score achieved in the day. This principle is applied in Marrakesh, Telford, and Singapore. However, the final contest in the tournament will be graded differently in Las Vegas. For specifics, points within days of competition will not be counted but the judges will combine the points of the day with the points in those previous days of competition. Final points will be added. Based on the score achieved by the archers, they will be ranked in order of the 16 archers with the highest score and compete in the final contest in Archery Festival in England.

More detail at : http://www.xboxlivegold-gratuit.fr/attraction-of-archery-and-recurve-bow/

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How easy it is to cook delicious smoked chicken using an electric smoker

The electric smoker has provided us with a lot of opportunity to cook really delicious recipes. Out of all the choices we have, the chicken recipes are the best and probably the most tried ones when it comes to using the eel trip smoker. Here we will tell you that what you can do to cook the best and the most delicious smoked chicken using the electric smoker. The electric smokers reviews that you will find online would tell you about the most perfect electric smokers. The Masterbuilt electric smoker review over the web would surely be the one that will somehow force you to buy it.


Stuff that you will need for cooking smoked chicken in an electric smoker:

The following are the main items that you will need:

• Chicken
• Paprika
• Sugar
• Salt
• Pepper
• Chili Powder
• Onion Powder
• Garlic

How electric smokers can help you make the best chicken recipe?

The electric smokers promise to provide your taste buds with the best ever possible recipe. You do have the flexibility to try all your variations particularly in terms of doing the marinade of the chicken. The rest is all upon the electric smoker to take your taste experience to an altogether newer level. The following are some key points to keep in mind while you are making the smoked chicken using any of your desired electric smokers:

  • Marinade your chicken with all your favorite spice at least 12 hours in advance and then refrigerate it till you begin with its smoke cooking.
  • The vertical type smoker is the ideal choice for cooking smoked chicken. It is easy to access and is perfectly setup for the cooking of chicken.
  • Make use of only the hardwood chips which will take the taste of your chicken to the next level. For barbecue chicken, the hardwood chips such as the pecan, apple, cherry and oak etc are the most optimal choices.
  • The indoor thermometers are not that accurate and for the best results are not desirable at all. A separate detachable thermometer can be used which will allow you to monitor its temperature just according to your exact requirements.
  • An excellent pair of tong should be there so that you can easily flip the chicken while it is cooking. Look for the professional type which should be long and strong with easy and safe grip.

Preparing food in an electric smoker is an easy and mess free method to get delicious BBQ tasting food at your home. It just needs a little of your attention and gives you a chance to prepare healthy, tasty food that’s tastes just like it has been prepared on burning coal or wood. You can use various wood chips flavors to add the kind of taste you need to add into your food depending upon your preferences. You can use these smokers anywhere at home or outdoors whichever type you have and preparing smoked recipes like we talked about smoked chicken as never that easy before, like you can do in your electric smoker.

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What Features You Should Avoid To Have, In Your Golf Rangefinder

Golf is an excellent and engaging game with lots of following people, all around the world. It is considered as an expensive game and something which only, the elite can afford. Things are getting approachable and easier with time, as many of the people have found many affordable solutions and devices  on the market. Interestingly, such types of devices were once thought to be lessening the excitement of the game. But, these are all rumors as the level of excitement has grown exponentially with the usage of such equipment.

However, the equipment of the game is still something which the majority of the golfers thinks twice, about, before buying. One crucial device is the golf rangefinder which is a device that measures the distance from your origin to the target that you want to hit.  In order to know the gadget in a better way you can go through the golf rangefinder reviews. Reading the reviews and customer experiences can help newcomers or new users in a clear and easy way.

There are several other features involved in a he devices and that is where the problem comes. The inclusion of some sophisticated features in these d vices makes them illegal to use in the tournaments. At the time of the advent of the first golf rangefinder, the USGA/ R&A rules made use of any such equipment prohibited in the tournaments. But, in 2006, this golf international body made some amendments in the rules which allowed golfers to just use devices which are legal. What features are prohibited in such devices is something that we will learn in the next section to follow.

What features in a golf rangefinder makes it illegal to use in the tournaments:

First of all, we must learn that there are two major types of good rangefinders, namely, a laser and a GPS golf rangefinder. Both of the types can be illegal if they have the following features:

  • Slope – Slope is the main features which violate the rules of using the equipment in the tournament game play. You will be in breach of the rules if your device has this feature and even you are not using it. However, there are some devices with a smart key that turns off this feature. Such devices are endorsed by the regulatory body of golf.
  • Wind direction and wind speed – Wind has a lot of influence on the game and the shot that is played by the golfer. So, such feature is not allowed when you are playing in the tournament. However, just as the slope one, if your device has a hot key feature of turning off this feature, then such devices can be permitted in the game.
  • Smartphone with GPS – The smartphone devices with the GPS features is not allowed for using in the tournament, but however, they can be used in friendly games and in practice sessions.
  • The simplest of all the rules – The simplest of all the rules is that any device which measures or calculates anything more than the distance to the target is considered illegal. So, you must by devices from authentic sellers who have the endorsement of using the devices in the tournament game play.

Though most of the top golf rangefinder manufacturers are fully aware of these facts and they do have all necessary functions and also care about informing the users about the illegal characteristics, that users should avoid or be careful while on the ground or while playing in a tournament.

Let’s see Top 10 Best golf rangefinder in 2015 at: http://mybestgolfrangefinder.com/

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5 Tips To Using Orthopedic Pillow

If throat pain troubles bother you an orthopedic cushion is one of the easy goods which can be a huge help.


An pillow is actually a sensible expenditure as long as you realize making utilization of them properly. Remember that this unique cushion emerges in many different sorts, each serving a specific objective. Subsequently tendency is you would not have the ability to enjoy using the merchandise should you not utilize the pillow based on the goal for which it has been created. In this regard, you should subsequently take note to having an orthopedic pillow of the top approaches. From here, you will have ideas on various sorts it can supply.

NO 1 – utilize it accordingto what fits your sleeping place

Your sleeping position may vary from some other member of your loved ones. A number of you might sleep in your corner and a few may rest on your own back. You ought to then ensure that you invest in a cushion that’s best-suited for the sleeping situation. This way, you’ll have an appropriate sleep.

# 2 – put it to use in line with the element of the human body where pain is frequently prominent

Maybe you have often believed inside your neck for discomfort after sleeping? Does your back horribly ache after reading guides in a situation that is resting? You’re granted the decision in regards to what orthopedic cushion to speculate in. If you feel pain inside the back, get heated back pads, by addressing these concerns. Heated neck pads are for you, if you encounter pain inside the neck subsequently.

NUMBER 3 – Use it if you feel muscle strain too

One popular sort of pillow you’re able to rely on for this specific purpose is known as the foam pads. They don’t merely help reduce you of muscle pressure; from experiencing temporary paralysis they are able to also prevent you. These heated cushions have served this type of objective due to their flexibility.

#4 – when you have coccyx injury put it to use

Normally known as coccydynia, excessive pain can be produced by this kind of damage on your own coccyx. This may cause you from stopping your common activities and may result from a lot of tension on this location. It is possible to no more carry heavy loads and you may have even a hard time as your spinal column is damaged bending your back. In a coccyx cushion, you’re able to invest for kind of damage.

NO 5 – should you be planning to have a baby, Use it

Yes, you can find maternity heated cushions specially-crafted for the challenging needs of a pregnant lady. These cushions therefore are often shaped exactly the same approach as side sleepers and are normally generally known as maternity cushions. Because many expectant mothers sleep on the attributes this is. One notable difference it’s with part sleepers could be the undeniable fact that this kind includes a contoured belly that follows the design of the pregnant woman’s belly.

These are items if you’d like to produce use of an orthopedic pillow, to remember. You can often purchase one provided you understand a good choice is being made by you.

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The Easiest Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Do you have a particular food that you absolutely can’t go a day without eating? Something that you just don’t feel complete until you’ve had your daily dosage of, and yet you never seem to get sick of? I do. And that is peanut butter.

I don’t know why but there’s just something about peanut butter that gets me every time. Maybe it’s that buttery aroma of peanuts or the way the thick creaminess sticks to the back of my mouth every dessert spoonful.

Call me odd but if I could carry around a jar and spoon of PB with me to eat all day, I would. It’s my weakness. But sadly .. even though it has its fair share of healthy fats, too much of anything can be a bad thing.


That’s why I make peanut butter cookies.

They stop me from over gorging from the tub yet still let me enjoy its deliciousness in little doses. They’re the perfect portable snack to satisfy any sweet tooth or peanut butter craving (if you have them like me) and for such a simple bunch of ingredients that practically every household has, they’re crazily good.

What’s even better yet is that they don’t include any butter, flours or artificial sugars so I would say it’s a fairly ‘good for you’ treat. Trust me, these ain’t your average peanut butter cookies.

This delicious and healthy peanut butter cookie recipe is easy-peasy to follow. All you need is a food processor/blender and a dehydrator, if you don’t have the latter that’s okay too because I’ve added in an alternative method.


  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup smooth, unsalted peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) vanilla extract
  • Pinch sea salt (omit if using salted peanut butter)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted (optional)


  1. In a food processor or high powered blender, blend the rolled oats until it becomes like a flour.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and coconut oil, if using, and continue processing until a smooth dough forms. It should be somewhat firm and not too moist.
  3. Using heaped teaspoons, roll the dough into balls and flatten.
  4. Dehydrate at 105°F (40°C) for 8-12 hours or until dry to your liking. Times will vary depending on if you included coconut oil and the size/thickness of your cookies. If you want them more chewy and moist, dehydrate for a shorter amount of time, if you want them shortbread-like, dehydrate for longer.
  5. Store in an airtight container.


Once dehydrated they might still feel soft but will firm up slightly after they cool.

Optional: For the non-dehydrator method, you can eat as is after step 3 (tastes like cookie dough!). In this case, form the dough into balls and keep refrigerated afterwards – the coconut oil will help it solidify.

I also suggest making these before you hit the hay so that in the morning you can wake up and get that beautiful whiff of peanut butter that’s coming from your food dehydrator.

Oh and try not to leave out the ‘optional’ coconut oil. It makes them that much more decadent and richer.

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Excalibur 3900B 9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator Black Review

What is it? 

The Excalibur 3900B with 9 Tray

First things first, the design:

  • 19 x 17 x 12.5 inches (48.3 x 43.2 x 31.8 cm)
  • 22 pounds (3.2 kg)
  • Material: BPA-Free plastic
  • Comes with set number of 9 15 x 15 inch polycarbonate trays
  • Front door is completely detachable (without a hinge)
  • Also available in white

The nitty gritty details:

  • Rear mounted, 7 inch fan
  • Horizontal airflow, ‘shelf tray’ dehydrator
  • Adjustable thermostat with temperature ranges 105-165°F (40-75°C)
  • Power: 600 Watt
  • Guarantee: 10 years warranty

What you also get:

  • 1 dehydration guide: At around 30 pages, this will be your basic beginner’s guide and troubleshooting manual for your Excalibur.
  • 9 mesh poly-screen insert sheets


As an upgraded model of its older brother, the 2900ECB, the Excalibur 3900B Deluxe is another true example of a high quality dehydrator from Excalibur. While both have similar designs and functions, there are various distinct differences between the two which set the 3900B superior to its predecessor. Some of these including:

– Upgraded motor with heavy duty components, rated for 20+ years use

– More durable heating elements

– Trays utilise upgraded plastics with increased insulating properties

– Doubled warranty period

– Higher cycle life thermostat



With its heating element and fan placed at the unit’s rear, the Excalibur 3900B is one that utilizes a powerful horizontal airflow system, pushing air forwards towards the detachable door.

Because of this, not only do you almost always get evenly dried foods, but you can be sure that you won’t need to do any tray rotation.

An obvious advantage of the Excalibur 3900B is its sheer size and drying capacity. Each 15 by 15 inch shelf-tray expands across 225 square inches (1.56 square feet). When you multiply that by a total of 9 trays included, that’s a whopping 14 square feet!

In addition to being able to dry large quantities of foods at a time, I love its shelf-tray design which enables you to merely slide out individual trays (like a conventional oven) to give you greater clearance space. This is perfect for anyone who wants to dry tall bits and pieces like jars of yogurt.


No power switch

This is usually the one thing that gets me with some models of dehydrators, and that is the lack of a power switch. How is it that something as simple as an on/off button doesn’t make its way in the design of many dehydrators? I know it’s not that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things, but it sure does make things seem less hazardous in the kitchen.

No timer

A central key to producing efficiently dried foods at home is definitely through using a programmable timer, which unfortunately the Excalibur 3900B Deluxe doesn’t come with. This doesn’t give users the freedom to basically ‘set it and forget it’, a major drawback if you don’t think you’ll be at home all the time to check up on your foods.

If you’re also a forgetful person – like me – this can also mean losing track of the time when it comes to following recipes!

That being said, not having a built-in timer with a dehydrator isn’t the be-all and end-all, as going without one has its advantages too. Not sure what I mean? Picture this.

If you’ve left for a whole day of work and your dehydrators been set to switch off after say, 8 hours, what happens if you’re not at home to promptly store away your dried foods? Leaving it out on the trays would actually result in it gaining moisture again and becoming a source of molds! Kinda counter-intuitive huh?

Moral of the story: if you don’t have a timer, you’ll probably have a tendency to be less laissez faire and more conscious of your food drying (which is a plus!).

Is this the one for you?

The Excalibur 3900B with 9 Tray Deluxe dehydrator is truly living up to Excalibur’s reputation as a leading dehydrator producer. With a price tag greater than your average dehydrator, this is definitely made up for with the 3900B’s powerful drying motor and state of the art upgraded components.

If you’re a beginner at food dehydrating or don’t see yourself using this appliance often, I would recommend other more affordable ones such as the Nesco 75A that will give you your bang for buck.

Having said that, if you intend on dehydrating large amounts of food though, you can be sure that with many of this model’s included features, you’ll make back your money in no time at all.

The design and functionality of the Excalibur 3900B 9 really makes it perfect for households with large kitchen spaces, families with many mouths to feed or anyone with large quantities of foods to dry, these including fruit and veggie growers. Which category do you fall into?

read more : http://mydehydrator.com

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